Sunday, 23 August 2009

Gazebos - Tents - marques (Pop up Gazebos)

Pop Up Gazebos have become very common and have now replaced the conventional pole type Gazebos. It is however important to ensure they are dismantled correctly. To assist we this a video is enclosed showing how easy they are to fold away. It is important the buttons are pushed in to release the tension, once folded you keep the cover on and put back into the carry bag with has wheels. Side curtains are also available to protect against the wind and give privacy and also sand bags can be provided so if the Gazebo is on a patio you have weight the product down if you are unable to use the fixing pegs or guide ropes which are also provided. Gazebos are also know as Marques/tents/canopies and these are also used by trade people such are car specialists or kitchen fitters for example as they are ideal when you need to work outside and need some protection from showers. Gazebos are perfect for garden parties, fetes, sun protection for young children and many other activities. They have been sold in the UK for over 5 years and are also know as Super Gazebos.

Mike Hall

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